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Forming Ranges

Hey y'all,

Making some good headway on forming the ranges, rented a skid steer for a week and got the long range pad leveled, cleared the 100 yard sight in lane, fixed the driveway and road through the property, and got about half of the pistol range built.

This next week I will be laying out the gravel pads for the long range and 100 yard sight in areas, and getting gravel and rock dust delivered to prep for placing sea containers on the long range pad. After that it will be placing berms up for all the targets and I will be ready to start training!

I am looking at the end of May or beginning of June to be able to start training courses so be looking for courses to be posted on the web site sometime at the end of April beginning of May. I am currently still doing private range instruction using other ranges, and the funds I earn go towards the range, also corporate events at you location or on other ranges is still available.

Be sure to check out the videos on YouTube and Instagram that I have posted about the range development, if you need anything or have any questions shoot me an email, its the best way to get ahold of me. Also pick up your VTT tumblers on the web site!!

Keep it Point of Aim,

Point of Impact!


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