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Proteldxp2004fullversion (2022)




pdf file format 0.007 kg This book consists of 417 pages divided into 14 chapters, namely Introduction, Digital Protocols, Network Configuration, Network Interface, LAN Switches, IP Network, IP Protocol, PPP protocol, ATM, TCP/IP Protocol, Server, Firewall, Network Monitoring, Wireless Communication, USB Networking. Abuse the service of the network, you can clearly see that the network address space is limited. Within the bandwidth of the network, the address space of the network is also limited, that is to say, there are a number of private network addresses. Chapter 2, Digital Protocols Digital Protocols Chapter 3, Network Configuration The configuration of the entire network is divided into the network layer, the routing layer, the transport layer, and the physical layer, and each layer has a corresponding server and client configuration. Chapter 4, Network Interface Network interface As the core of network, all network configurations depend on the function of the network interface. Chapter 5, LAN Switches LAN Switch LAN switch is the core of network switch, it can be an IP, MPLS or VLAN switch, and its port has two modes: port mode and frame mode. Chapter 6, IP Network IP network IP network is the support layer of the network, and its function is to support all protocols below. Chapter 7, IP Protocol IP protocol IP is the function of IP network, and the most important one of all Internet protocols. Chapter 8, PPP protocol PPP protocol PPP is the protocol of data transport above IP protocol, mainly used in remote access. Chapter 9, TCP/IP Protocol TCP/IP Protocol TCP/IP is the protocol used for the transmission of the Internet. Chapter 10, Server Server server The server and the client on the Internet are the final request or response, they are the connection between network and users. Chapter 11, Firewall Firewall Firewall is an important function of the network, and it is the first line of defense of the network. Chapter 12, Network Monitoring Network Monitoring The monitoring of the network includes a variety of processes. Chapter 13, Wireless Communication Wireless Communication The wireless communication is the most important function of the network, it is the foundation of the network communication. Chapter 14, USB Networking USB Networking The network interface of USB is the most common interface of USB. Online support for the digital book: For any problems about the download or installation,



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Proteldxp2004fullversion (2022)

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