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Vapor Trail Tactical, LLC is the premiere veteran owned tactical training and firearms training academy in Texas.  The Vapor Trail Tactical marksmanship academy private range is located in Dawson, Texas.  Where I offer a variety of formal training courses, private lessons, and corporate events for any shooter.



Every person is different,  that's why each lesson is  catered to match each individual  shooter's needs. We strive to teach you to shoot to the capability of your system, so that shooting is the easy part and you can concentrate on other things like the WIND!  Any and all critical topics are covered in private lessons, from the basics to advanced skills, so if you shoot with a friend or family member or you want just  1-on-1 instruction, we have you covered.



These events are designed to provide a unique experience for your group of 10 to 12 shooters.  We have years of experience educating large groups of clients. No matter the event, or skill level of the shooter, we produce high quality and amazing experiences for everyone. Check out the variety of tactical course options we have and give your employees the best experience in Texas!

Clients attending precision rifle training course, all laying on the ground shooting downrange.


Point of AIM.. Point of IMPACT.

We take a specialized approach to precision rifle and firearm instruction. We combine our proven veteran foundations, with contemporary tactical strategies to provide the highest level of instruction possible for each of our clients. Check out the variety of course options we have available.


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