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Why train with me?

A question I would want potential clients to ask is, why would you train with me?

Here are some common problems that I can help you with.

Unknown causes of flyers or inconsistencies? Ever get 3 rounds touching and 2 rounds touching at 1 o clock about a half inch out? There is a reason for that, inconsistent follow through.

Have a great range trip stacking rounds then the next range trip feels like you couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn? Lack of consistency in your marksmanship will do this, I will teach you to be consistent.

Chasing your zero? It’s not the rifle, optic, or the fact that it's been in the safe with gremlins tinkering with your rifle. Consistently building a good position, understanding the benefits of shooting the same match ammunition, and proper zero will go a long way to not losing your mind at your next range trip.

Want to shoot to the capability of your system? The answer should be yes! I will train you in learning the marksmanship principles, be able to self-diagnose inconsistencies, and develop a solid foundation in your abilities so that you can shoot to the capability of your system.

The foundation is always marksmanship, but I will also help with ballistic apps/ solvers, collecting data, supported positions, hunting applications, competitive shooting, and the most critical part of all WIND!

set up a lesson today and learn how to Keep it Point of Aim… Point of Impact!

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