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Form 'em up!!!

So, it has been several weeks since we closed on the property, and we have worked our Fanny's off cleaning and clearing, getting the trees cut in the shooting areas has gone well, and got the cabin mostly cleaned out!!

This weekend I will be getting a skid steer to start forming the ranges, shooting areas, and putting up berms for targets!!! I have collected about 40 pallets and will be getting more soon, so thanks to those who have gave ideas of where to get them.

The cabin has a massive hutch and matching nightstands that are in excellent condition, if you know anyone who deals in older furniture get them in touch with me as I need to sell or get rid of these items to get the cabin completely cleaned out.

Thanks to Jack for donating some steel targets, will put them to good use for sure!

Keep it Point of Aim,

Point of Impact!!


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