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Going to closing!!

So I got approved for financing and looking forward to closing by the end of February, it will take a couple of months to get the property cleared of some trees, get utilities set up, and build out the actual ranges. The plan is to have a 600 yard paper range, 700 yard steel range, pistol range, carbine range, and 100 yard sight in range on the property.

Formal classes for long range will be scheduled first with Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Precision Rifle classes starting in April and May so be looking for classes to be added to the schedule in March and sign up!!! Classes are always small in size to keep individual coaching a priority, always focusing on you shooting to the capability of your system and learning to focusing on the wind since it is the most critical component to shooting long range.

Looking forward to building a first-class range facility and providing you some of the best training available in the DFW area. Make sure to follow in Instagram and YouTube to see the progress as I plan to document the building of the ranges, should be a lot of fun!!

Keep it Point of Aim,

Point of Impact!


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