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Just about there!!!

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Howdy Folks,

We are just about there, the covered firing line for long range is coming along nicely and should be finished up in the next week or two. Targets out to 600 yards with some Caldwell flash-bang hit indicators to try out and see how they last.

Formal classes will begin in Sept. for you guys to come train with me. First class will be Intermediate Precision Rifle course Sept. 9/10 which is my baseline course for beginners or experienced shooters. The next course will be DMR/ SPR course Sept. 16/17 which will cover semi auto scoped rifles out to 600 yards, covering the details of how to maximize these systems with their accuracy and speed. Then there will be a Precision pistol course Sept. 30/ Oct. 1 that will focus on marksmanship with a pistol and being able to shoot small groups on paper and place shots on steel at greater distances which will increase your confidence in your abilities with a pistol. Check out all these course details on the website.

The long-range lane is just about complete, still working on getting power to the property in the next month which I will add A/C to the classroom, which will make it really nice. Unfortunately, there is no bathroom at this time so will have to deal with porta-potty for the mean time.

Training with me will give me the funds to build out more and expand the ranges and facilities, the goal is to have the long range and pistol carbine built out completely, build the range check in and classroom to make a range facility that makes it worth driving to, so go to the training section of the web site and click on Firearms training courses tab and sign up today!

Keep it Point of Aim,

Point of Impact!

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