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Just about there!!!

Howdy Folks,

We are just about there, so I need some feedback on what you guys would like to see first? Just a range opening day with maybe a swap meet just to come check out the range? Or

Start formal long-range class for you guys to come train with me. First class would be in June so I would need weekends that work for you guys, I am looking at June 24/25 weekend? Let me know so I can start planning and advertise the course date. It will be limited to 12 shooters.

The long-range lane is just about complete, I will be adding an overhead to give shade to the firing position, this will be the biggest upgrade to date. Still working on getting power to the property which I will add A/C to the classroom, which will make it really nice. Unfortunately, there is no bathroom at this time so will have to deal with porta-potty for the mean time.

Memberships are still available and the more members that sign up the more I can do and have installed to make it nicer and build out a range facility that makes it worth driving to, so go to the store and become a member today!!

Keep it Point of Aim,

Point of Impact!

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