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Range property!!!

Hey folks,

Well, I put in a contract for a small piece of property so I will find out probably next week if I qualify for financing!! The property location will be a little over an hour south of the DFW metroplex and will give me room for a few lanes out to 600 yards, pistol range, carbine range, and a sight in lane. This is super exciting! I will finally be able to have my own place to conduct training, with my own schedule, and build it the way I want.

Initially I will have it available for in house training only but eventually I will open it up for public use once I have the ranges completed the way I want. Which brings me to pre order memberships, the more people who purchase membership the faster I will be able to complete the ranges and add amenities such as septic for a bathroom instead of a porta potty. So be looking on the web site for memberships to be available once I find out if I get financed!! Cannot wait to get this going and build some bad ass ranges!!

Keep it Point of Aim,

Point of Impact!


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