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Finally closing!

Ok, so due to the crappy winter weather we have had, the survey got pushed a week or 2, but the good news it actually measures .015 of an acre bigger lol!

We go to closing this Friday so I will be getting the ball rolling on getting the ranges built, but there are some things I need, so keep your eyes open for these things! First is free pallets that are in decent shape, the second is a skid steer or preferably a wheeled loader that I can rent for about 2 weeks, third is a 12’ trailer for hauling lumber/ trash for sale. Let me know if you have a source for any of these in the DFW area. I have commercial rental sources for these things but every dollar I save goes to targets or other things for the range.

Please get the word out to your other shooting friends/ family and have them sign up on my web site or follow me on Instagram and YouTube! Let's get this party started!

Keep it Point of Aim,

Point of Impact!


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