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Thanks for the great start!

Recently started with my first precision rifle course and had a great turn out, everyone shot really well, check out the videos from the class on my instagram page!

Next course is the DMR/ SPR course Sept 30/ Oct. 1 which will feature a lil more dynamic approach with multiple targets, and transitions from near to far, and rapid deployment of the system putting a little stress of the balance between speed and accuracy. As usual the focus is always on marksmanship, so bring your heater and match ammo and come learn to shoot to the capability of your system.

It is almost hunting season, so keep in mind I offer private lessons to prep for the up coming season, or sponsor a long range hunter course corporate event to build client relationships slinging lead and learn those skills Marine snipers have honed for decades!

Keep it Point of Aim…

‘Point of Impact!

Sean Little

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