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Less than 1 week away!

Less than 1 week away from the inaugural Intermediate Precision rifle course at my new range in Dawson, Texas. Super excited to be teach at my own location, thank you so much to those who have either supported or signed up for this course.

We have 6 shooters for this course, I would love for 2 more people to sign up and make this the perfect sized class of 8 shooters, so whether you are a new shooter or have experience you will learn something from this course. So don’t wait, sign up today!

If you know me or have trained with me in the past, then you know that I am always available via email and text to help you in your quest for either experience or gear topics, got a lengthy topic give me a call. There is a ton of mis-information floating out there about long range shooting and I always seek to make it easy, fun, and enjoyable. I want to spend my time shooting and hitting what I am aiming at, not struggling or being inconsistent, so come spend some time with me and learn to shoot to the capability of your system.

Keep it Point of Aim,

‘Point of Impact!

Sean Little

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