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Happy New Year! Running into 2024~


Hope you all had a very happy new year, and holidays with your families. I know mine did, and so it's on to 2024!

Training schedule is being developed with the first courses posted up on the web site located in the Firearms Training courses tab. There will be formal 2-day classes and also 1-day Skill builder training days, already up on the site, these will include future handgun and carbine courses, not just precision rifle. I taught both for over 10 years at a large Federal agency, so it is a primary skill for me and where I learned a lot of my teaching/ coaching methods.

I am also looking at conducting a monthly match, that will not solely be PRS based but more of a friendly challenge to develop skills and practice different skill sets, using only about 40 to 50 rounds of ammunition. I am considering conducting them in the first or 2nd weekend of the month since Fossil Pointe has their match on the last weekend of the month. Also let me know if you would only want precision rifle or would you want to see handgun/ carbine competition thrown in the mix, they can definitely be fun! Please let me know if you have a preference, if you don't comment or respond then your preference is invalid, just like if you call and don't leave a message, I won't call you back!

The range is coming along nicely, with my power pole up and looking to have the county come hook it up any day now!!!! Then I will be working on building out the classroom and pro shop so hope to have that all finished by the spring/ summer at the latest. It will have A/C and lighting plus A/V for the classroom, with a really nice deck, fire-pit area, and both ranges right there. So really looking forward to getting that all complete, and again when you train with me it supports that goal directly. So come take a course, class, private lesson, or just give me your money! This year once I get the range fairly complete, I am also looking to apply for my FFL, I would love to get that in this year, but really depends on getting the classroom and ranges complete.

So that's it for now, I really appreciate you guys supporting me and coming out to train! Marksmanship is the key to everything, train consistently, consistently train so until next time!

Keep it Point of Aim...

Point of Impact!


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