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Holidays are upon us!

Howdy folks,

The holiday season is here, specifically it is thanksgiving day, and there is a lot to be thankful for! I appreciate at the support during my journey, I am not perfect nor do I claim to be, and I will not make everyone happy. This year will be the start of the range facility, it has been slow progress but each person who come and trains with me contributes to its growth, and my dream. What is the dream? To be the #1 place people come for marksmanship training for those who want to shoot to the capability of their systems, build their consistency, and their confidence. This leads you to the places you want to be whether it’s hunting, sports, or for your job.

I have not posted my formal class schedule for the year yet, as many of you know I work full time as a Police Officer at TCU on midnights, and I am suppose to be going to days on a different shift but I have not received formal notification of this yet. This will change my days off which is when I conduct training courses, so till further notice a class schedule will be on stand by.

Once my schedule gets straightened out I will be holding monthly 2 day formal courses for precision rifle, carbine, and pistol the focus will always be on marksmanship with the essential skills needed to be proficient with your system. There will also be 1 day skill builders for each discipline every month, as well as some 1 day matches every couple of months when I can squeeze them in, but those might just get turned into range days depending on how they pan out. Things are always subject to change or recommendations for improvements are always welcome, so if you got anything send it!

Keep it Point of Aim

Point of Impact!


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