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Getting back on track

Howdy folks, I’m sorry but I have not been doing much training lately for a variety of reasons but what I am really needing is to have my own range. I am currently looking at property and financing to try to purchase a property that will have enough room for multiple long ranges and possibly even multiple mile ranges. I cannot do this alone I have the capital to purchase the land but will be needing donated funds to develop the ranges and keep it going for a year. There will be different levels of incentive packages available from SWAG bags, memberships, to being able to dedicate a range to a fallen military or first responder hero depending on your level of funds donated. If you can help please reach out to me, and I will send you donation detail. My Initial goal is $30,000 which will be put in a separate account till after the land is purchased and will be used to hook up utilities and place a structure for range check in. Have a very merry Christmas and great new year! Till then.

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